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“If you’re not good at studying, don’t even think about liking me. EXO may seem like the most important thing in the world to you right now, but in a few years, you’ll regret it.” - Kim Jongin

I just reached my second goal guys! I made this follow forever to thank my seniors and dongsaengs for filling up my dashboard with flawlessness and gorgeousness and everything every single time i scroll down and up (vice versa). Wishing you all the best! :)  

[당신은 멋진 사람을 감사합니다!] Kudos to these amazing people! *clap* *clap* 

P.S: the bolded ones are my tumblr crushes and the italicized ones are my chinggus (dongsaengs)

0-fivethirty | 4eversoneairportsoshi | baekyungdyo | baekyoonsbyunbunnie | beautifulgeneration | choisooyoung-s | dimplayexohdfqzpocky | foreverfany | fanytastic09 | fyeahluhan | fy-exo | fy-girls-generation | ggtiffany | gayforhwangheecups | hyoyeon | heylululu | icepearlsjoohyun-ah | jongnd | junaeskandycute | kricassolovemysnsdm-iyoung | mnseokninepearls | ninthwishonlyixing | oh-luhans | omgjonginruby-sicasicats | stephowang | soosicat | soshimallows | taejumma | toldyouseo | telepany | teepani | fanysaurus | tiffbum | tiffanytiamo | xehunteryulshims | yultisicyoonyvl

CREDITS TO yulshims for my url and also let me give credits to the owner of these wonderful gifs :)