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“If you’re not good at studying, don’t even think about liking me. EXO may seem like the most important thing in the world to you right now, but in a few years, you’ll regret it.” - Kim Jongin

Fangirl game so strong: Taeyeon’s favorite actor becomes her fanboy

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a sehun graphic with lots of pink for sweet anon ♡

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yixing: try some? eating healthy food like Cow head soup makes you smarter

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Lee Bom Yi in Spring Days of My Life Episode 1

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20/50 yoona taking my breath away

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"Honestly I’ve wanted to give up alot of times. But I worked hard. I think the reason why I managed to endure it during 7 years is because I believed I would have succeeded if I worked hard."

Happy Birthday Suho!

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내가 네게~~♡ 다들 잘 듣고있나요~?ㅎ이틀후 공개되는 Holler!!많이 기대해주세요~! 여러분께 빨리 들려드리고싶은 이번 앨범!! 궁금하죠~?조금만..더! 궁금해 해주세요!ㅋㅋ시간아 빨리가라!!

[TRANS by Kymmie] Whisper~~♡ Is everyone listening to it well~?ㅎ Holler that will be released in 2 days!! Please look forward to it a lot~!
This album that we want to quickly let all of you listen to!! You’re curious, aren’t you~? Just a little.. more! Please be curious about it (a little more)!ㅋㅋ time, pass quickly!!

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TaeTiSeo- Holler teasers

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